November 21, 2016

2017 Princess Participants

Princess Jaisa is ten years old. Her hobbies include reading, arts and crafts and collecting anything Harry Potter.  She is a kind, thoughtful and creative young lady.
Princess Janessa is four years old. Her hobbies are constructing things with playdoh, blocks or whatever else she comes across, singing and dancing.   She is energetic, sweet, fun and a tad dramatic!

Princess Kenzington is six years old. Her Hobbies are Cheerleading, reinventing herself daily from a princess, to a cat,  to Cindy loo who all via Hairstyles. For Christmas, all she wanted was her own personal live in hairstylist. She has to settle for her mommy.  She is the spunky baby of the family and youngest of 11 children.

Princess Audrey is seven years old. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, acting and musical theater. She loves to do crafts and has a contagious laughter that brings joy to everyone that she’s around.

Princess Jazlyn “Jazzie” is six years old. Her hobbies include Dance (Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, & Hip Hop) – Tap is her favorite! She is very artistic and loves drawing or coloring/painting. She loves to help people, take care of her babies, and play with her friends.

Princess Aneli is five years old. She loves dancing and playing with her big brother.

Princess Lilly is eleven years old. She enjoys ballet, writing poetry, Girl Scouts, musical theater and she LOVES cats.

 Princess Hayley is eight years old and loves playing soccer, singing, and dancing.
Princess Miya is four years old. Her passions are animals, art and sports. But most of all, she LOVES to dance and preform for others.
Princess Emily is six years old. She loves gymnastics, dancing, swimming, riding motorcycles, collecting shoes, playing dress up, having tea parties and playing “house” with her kitty Rosetta!
 Princess Carmen is eight years old. She is active in Girl Scouts & loves to dance (lyrical & jazz are her favorite!) Her hobbies include drawing, playing dolls & science experiments! Her favorite subject in school is a “tie between math & reading”.
Princess Evelyn is ten years old. She loves to sing, dance, play with her cats, and read. Evelyn is a very ambitious, fun-loving girl with a fantastic sense of humor.
 Princess EmmaJean is five years old. She enjoys her animals, cooking, coloring, and loves to sing! She is a vibrant, energetic, and smart young lady.
Princess Teagan is eight years old. Her hobbies are dancing, hula-hooping, swimming, riding horses, cooking, and singing. She aspires to be an actress when she grows up.
 Princess Taylor is a nine year old little fire cracker. She is a social butterfly with a big heart and a lot of charisma who loves to make people smile. She is a Brownie in Girl Scouts and loves dance, horses, arts & crafts, and being an amazing big sister to her two younger siblings. Taylor wants to be a Doctor when she grows up so she can help people.