Miss Lane County Outstanding Teen 2018

Isabella Roberts is Miss Lane County’s Outstanding Teen for 2018. She attends the Academy of Arts and Academics in Springfield as a Junior. She focuses her elective classes on writing and theatre, as they are some of her favorite activities, and got writing honors as a Sophomore. She is determined to get writing and theatre honors this year as a Junior.

While she has participated in pageants before when she was little, this is Isabella’s first time competing in the Miss Lane County Scholarship Program, and the first time she’s ever won a title. She rejoined the pageant world as a way to build her confidence and have fun! She used her past experience in playing the ukulele to aid in her talent, which was a compilation of four songs including Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and Home by Phillip Phillips.

Finding a platform that worked for her was difficult at first, but Isabella eventually decided to stick with what she knew: the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) organization. As a Miracle Child herself, Isabella has spent an extraordinary amount of hours volunteering throughout her entire life. She continues to educate, volunteer, and raise money for CMN as a way to pay it forward.

When she isn’t at school or partaking in her responsibilities as Lane County’s Outstanding Teen, you can often find her reading fantasy or sci-fi books (particularly young adult books by authors like Leigh Bardugo, Veronica Roth or Sarah J Maas, or the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher), writing, talking with her friends, or out walking. She has also recently taken up hanging out with her infant nephew and petting her older brother’s cats.

Isabella is glad to have made friendships in both the Miss Lane County Pageant and at the Miss Oregon Pageant that has lasted outside of the program and is grateful for the experiences she has had within both pageants. She looks forward to continuing her year as Miss Lane County’s Outstanding Teen alongside her sister queens: Miss Lane County, Miss Linn-Benton, and Miss Central Valley!