November 13, 2016

About Us

2019 Miss America

The Miss Lane County Scholarship Organization is proud to be one of the hundreds of local pageant programs supporting the professional and educational development of today’s young women. The Miss America Organization is the largest provider of scholarships to women in the world! Every year the Miss Lane County Scholarship program offers titles and scholarships through the Miss America and the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageants.

Titles are awarded to young women in our community dedicated to the four points of the crown: Scholarship, Service, Style, and Success.

We also offer a Princess Program, which connects young girls from Oregon with inspiring role models from their communities. The Princess Program is non-competitive and focuses on confidence and self-discovery through mentorship.

The Miss Lane County Scholarship Organization is a non-profit program run solely by volunteers. We work hard each year to continue to be able to provide scholarships to exemplary young women who are the future leaders of our community.