January 17, 2017

Talent and OSQ Submission Form

Use this from to submit your talent introduction and TWO possible options for your platform-related on-stage question. We reserve the right to edit both talent introductions and on-state questions, respecting the original intent of each.

Talent Introduction and Onstage Questions

  • This will be read by the MC to introduce you and your talent selection. (350 characters max)
  • On-Stage Questions

    You have the chance to write one of two questions which will be asked during the on-state portion of the pageant. Please provide two possible questions relating to your personal platform. These need to be questions that allow you to dive deeper into your platform. DO NOT use yes or no questions and don't just use a basic question: "why did you chose your platform?" or "why is this an important issue for women today?"
  • Hint: Using a current event or statistic is a great way to frame a really great platform question: "Your platform is the importance of volunteerism. The Volunteerism rate in the US dropped this past year by almost half a percent. What would you attribute the decline and how can organizations encourage your age-group to volunteer."
  • Hint: A quote is a great way to introduce a platform: Many say, "When someone has cancer, everyone who loves them does too." How does your platform address those who may not have been diagnosed but are facing unbearable trials.